Who we are

Cornerstone Baptist Church; a warm welcome for all

Part of the Cornerstone Baptist ChurchCornerstone provides a warm welcome wherever you are at when it comes to faith. Whether you want to simply explore Christianity or are looking to deepen and strengthen an existing faith, our church family has a place for you.

We use an interactive style at Cornerstone which features Q & A and small-group discussion regularly during our teaching slot. We believe this encourages people to get to know each other better, to learn from each other and to become used to verbalising faith and spirituality. The opportunity to opt in or out is always there so if you just prefer to listen come along or get involved as much as you want!

Fresh approach to church

Cornerstone is a ‘café style’ church which is especially suitable for families with children who like to be seen and heard! Our Church family includes members from different backgrounds, nations and all stages in life which makes it a really exciting place to call home.

Come and join us at John Hampden School in Thame from 10.15am every Sunday morning, in the Vernon Hall, at the far end of the school grounds from Park Street in Thame.

Active in the community

Cornerstone plays an active part in the local community and there are plenty of activities throughout the week. You can find out what is on here>

We were planted by Long Crendon Baptist Church (LCBC), and have grown to become an independent church in our own right. We are now members of the Baptist Union as part of the Central Baptist Association and use the Evangelical Alliance basis of faith to express our core beliefs.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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