Discipleship Groups

Busy Sunday mornings, no time to stop and chat – sound familiar?

Stack of old bibles.Home groups are the perfect opportunity to meet with and get to know a smaller group of people from the church in the comfort of a home. They provide the opportunity to study the bible in an informal setting, share life’s ups and downs, and be encouraged on your walk in faith.

Several home groups in Thame

There are several groups that meet in and around Thame on a regular fortnightly basis on alternate Thursday’s of the month; as well as one that meets on Wednesday too. To find out more have a chat with James Heywood the leader at Cornerstone who looks after home groups or drop us a line.

Once a month, when there isn’t an official meeting, home groups are encouraged to meet for more relaxed sessions.  Ideas for these evenings are varied from barbeques to games evenings – and all ideas welcome.

You can find out more about Cornerstone here

If you are not involved in a home group it would be great to see you.


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