Square Mile

If our local church ceased to exist would anyone in our community notice? What real difference would it make to my colleagues or neighbours if I switched jobs or moved away? Square MILE explores the impact God calls us to make in our world – on the immediate square mile around our homes, workplaces and churches. Using the letters of the word MILE the programme examines the Bible’s teaching on four major areas of impact:

– Mercy – demonstrating God’s compassion to the poor
– Influence – being salt and light in the public life of the community
– Life discipleship – equipping Christians for missional living as workers and neighbours
– Evangelism – faithful and relevant communication of the gospel

Am I prepared for my life to be changed? And am I ready to make a difference in my square mile?

At the back of the hall there is now a Square MILE table for notes of projects that Cornerstone can be involved in, and to look at new ideas. Visit it regularly and keep contributing.

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