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Show 2015


Welcome Home!

Hey all, We hope you had a restful summer after what was a great but busy term last year. It’s been really encouraging seeing the increased passion in our gathered worship, seeing a number of discipleship groups get started, how many of our church people played key roles at Lighthouse and newcomers arriving over the summer.

This term we are going to look at 1 Corinthians. This is a letter in the New Testament written by Paul to a church in Greece. Corinth sat in the middle of a 4 mile wide strip of land that joined the bottom chunk of Greece to the top. Corinth was a large city and some of the writings we have about it make it sound a little bit like TOWIE; a multi-cultural, modern thinking, wealthy, brash place filled with all types of characters and people. Ladies in skimpy outfits were seen regularly due to the closeness of the temple of Aphrodite. New money filled the streets and there was an ‘anything goes’ attitude even in the church.

So why are we looking at it? We’re not like that! In many ways the letter time and time again challenges, encourages and asks the Christians in Corinth what makes them different to those people around them. Four broad areas are covered: Holiness – Living lives that please God. Openness to God – Worship that responds to God. Membership – Church that grows together. Evangelism – Lives that help others see God for who He is.

These four areas, Holiness, Openness, Membership and Evangelism can be remembered by the word ‘HOME’. Our aim this term is to get our Home in order. To examine how we might grow in these four areas alongside thinking about how and where we actually meet.

We will be looking at getting our marriages in order, our money, our time, our behaviour. We’ll talk about love, disagreements, life after death, why bother with Christianity and much more. If you find living the Christian life hard or have ever wondered what difference it really makes, this series is for you.


 Show Season Sermons

  • 6th Sept: All-age 1 Corinthians Are we nearly home yet?
  • 13th Sept: Thanksgiving 1:4-9 Say thankyou!
  • 20th Sept: Holiness 1 3:1-23 You sit in the front
  • 27th Sept: Holiness 2 5:1-12 & 6:12 – 20 Take out the trash
  • 4th Oct: Holiness 3 7:1-40 Don’t touch that
  • 11th Oct: Openness 1 11: 1-34 Wash your hands before dinner
  • 18th Oct: Openness 2 12:1 – 11 That’s your brother’s gift!
  • 25th Oct: Openness 3 14: 26 – 40 Take turns!
  • 1st Nov: Membership 1 12: 12 – 31 We love you all equally & LUNCH
  • 8th Nov: Membership 2 6:1 – 20 Stop fighting
  • 15th Nov: Membership 3 9: 1- 23 & 16:1 – 4 Help him!
  • 22nd Nov: Evangelism 1 14: 1-25 I can’t understand what you say
  • 29th Nov: Evangelism 2 15: 1-33 Well is he dead or not?
  • 6th Dec: Evangelism 3 15:35 – 58 Get up and stop crying!

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