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BBC Oxford logoEarlier this morning, huddled from the wind and rain behind a Radio Oxford Van Pastor Paddy Harris, Ulrike Kibble and Jude Brown waited patiently to be interviewed by radio presenter Phil Mercer.

The interviews formed part of a Charles Nove show on helping Oxfordshire’s chronically lonely and emphasised the importance of bringing the community together with projects like Cornerstone’s Hub.

Paddy Harris being Interview by Radio Oxford's Phil MercerPaddy was able to share with Phil about the work of Cornerstone Church in the community and how The Hub concept was formed and developed as part of the Church’s Show Season.

Out in the community

“We didn’t just want to assume that we knew what the community wanted and that is why we carried out a questionnaire in the town in the summer,” explains Paddy.

“It was through this survey that we found people wanted a place in the community to meet others. Some of the people we surveyed said that they were getting out to a coffee house to be amongst people, but other than a polite good morning weren’t finding further interaction.  A few Jude and Ulrike Radiopeople mentioned tough economic conditions and said that it was hard to find things to do in half term that didn’t cost anything. We want people to know that they can come an have a chat or just sit and read the paper and have a free coffee,” says Paddy.

Ulrike Kibble who deals with church administration and Jude Brown who is looking after the catering for The Hub were also interviewed.

Find out more about The Hub here>

The show aired today focused on loneliness and how faith can help people to feel less lonely, but also says that the church should not just focus on family, but the wider community.

You can listen to the Radio Show here on BBC Oxford.

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