Care In the Community

Contributing to Thame through faith in action

Cornerstone Baptist Church carry out litter pick in ThameWorking, living and making a difference in the local community is important to us. Being there for our neighbours, helping those in trouble and playing an active part in local events is what we believe God wants us to do.We believe that the Church should play a lead role in making Thame a great place to live. Each of us can play a part in the community we live in and at Cornerstone we work and play hard to make this happen.

Making a difference where we are

Members of Cornerstone Baptist Church join together regularly to do things that make a difference in Thame. From active roles in local sports teams, helping in schools, working with the council at events to providing youth activities to running a group for parents of children with special needs. We often interview people in church to hear how faith impacts their week to seek to help us see our faith as a 24/7 adventure.

Our church is held in John Hampden School every Sunday but it doesn’t finish there!

Local community activities

We launched Love Thame which began as a week-long series of events throughout the town with other churches and has now become the ‘brand’ for inter-church social action. We play an active part every year in Lighthouse, a week long Children’s holiday club in the summer. We also lead Lighten Up, the awesome alternative to Halloween for children in Thame and the surrounding community.

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