Congas, Cake and Co-working

Toddlers discoThe Parents, carers and 55 toddlers left the disco singing, “Bob the builder.. can we fix it?” They left clutching balloons, blowing bubbles and dropping tasty home-made cake crumbs. As they went I thought, ‘you know what?

I love this thing called the Hub’.

I love everything about it; I loved seeing the set-up team arrive en masse on Sunday night ready with smiles, willing hands and a sense of purpose. I loved how it was our church in miniature; All ages part of something together, laughter echoing around the building, beauty created from the ordinary and together stepping out beyond safe to something risky.

Can we do it?

The Hub LogoCome Monday morning I loved seeing Brian stood outside in the rain with a flat cap, friendly grin and a strong desire to invite passers-by into the Hub to see this beautiful thing for themselves. I loved that we partnered with an existing group, introduced new people to it, supported Carly in her ministry and formed what I hope will be on-going relationships. I’ll be honest there have been long nights over the last few weeks where I thought we wouldn’t make it to this point, the end of day one. And yet, as the parents and toddlers left happy, caked-filled and expressing thanks for a good event singing about whether we can fix it, I thought to myself.

“Yes we can!”

The start of something good

This Hub thing has a long way to go. I always expected this week to in one sense be the calm before the storm. It’s a test of how we as a church might use a space like this ourselves really. I’m keen to see if working patterns, time and community activities allow the church to access the Hub. I’m keen to see how we might use it creatively to meet and make friends.

I know a good few of you have already planned to meet at the Hub rather than elsewhere this week. I’m keen to see how you find it. The half term really is a test of how the community around might use the Hub. I’m expecting a few more sleepless nights worrying about how we might accommodate the whole of Thame as they turn up for crafts on Monday, but then also expectant as to what might come from it as a result. This Hub thing is a trial, it’s a test of a vision, of something that could be.

Hub Highlights

disco peopleAnd so highlights of day one include Congas led by Tim Dent. Conversations with people for whom the Hub has come at just the right time! A master class which I felt I had no right to run actually helped people! Teens popping in after school, The Christchurch Café team asking to use our set-up for their café tomorrow as they loved it. And, most of all the team that made it happen today. This glorious mad mix of people we at Cornerstone are, using the glorious mad mix of abilities, talents and gifts God has given us to do something great for, by and through Him.

Well, that and the carrot cake!


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