F3, for 15 years +

Fun, Food it must be Friday

F3 or Fun, Food, Friday as it is known runs on a regular basis from homes in Thame.

Teenagers in Year 10 + or over 15 years of age meet at the Bancroft’s house in Thame on a Friday, but as dates vary it is best to check out the diary to find out when it is on next.

F3 Group chilling in the garden

All teenagers over 15 are welcome at F3 and it is a great opportunity to invite friends. It is a great environment for older teenagers to chill and have a good time in a safe and encouraging place. The group plays on Xbox and Kinect, carry out craft projects, have some food, play games and generally have a great time.

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F3 Teenagers

F3 also includes an F4 session that offers those who are interested an opportunity to ask questions and find out more about Faith. To find out more contact us>

Find our more about our Policy Statement on Safeguarding Children and Young people in Cornerstone Baptist Church here

You can download a PDF copy of the document here>

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