A letter to the church

It takes a whole Church to raise a child.

We felt led to be part of Cornerstone very early on in the discussions at LCBC and we’ve been privileged to be involved right from the start.

Like any parent we were concerned for our children as they were moving away from most of their church friends. We knew it was important to have Christian friends particularly as our children were heading into their teenage years.

The Bancroft familyWe believed and trusted that this being where God wanted us to be that our children would be in God’s hands. It is with thankful hearts that we are seeing our last child commit to the Lord this weekend and we know that this is just the start of her journey.

It has also been good to see Jessica and Chris grow in their faith and love of God as they develop into the man and woman of God that He wants them to be. This is not just from our doing, but from the blessings of God and our brothers and sisters in Christ. We would like to thank you, both those near and far, for love, encouragement, prayers, and patience with our children.

It takes a whole church to raise a child.

God Bless

John and Helen Bancroft


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